Flutterfly’s Toothache – Part 3

Flutterfly’s Toothache – Part 3

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Flutterfly opened her eyes. Sunshine fell on her face through the crack in the door. She stretched herself and straightened her little antennae. It wasn’t spring yet. Her family was still asleep. But she felt very hungry and thirsty. She had been asleep for a lon…g time, you know! So she crept into the kitchen and drank some dew drops kept there on the counter. Then she looked around for something to eat!

Flutterfly opened the cupboards. It was empty. Her eyes fell on the candy jar at the corner and a naughty idea came to her. Mum and Dad were asleep, why not have a few candies? There were so many inside the jar – fruit lollies, berry gummies, honey toffees ..…. she picked out a toffee and sucked at it with glee. As it became smaller she crunched it into smaller bits. Suddenly a sharp pain shot through her teeth. The pain grew bigger and bigger. Flutterfly screamed with pain.

“Ooooo….. Aaaaaaa…..,” cried Flutterfly. “ Oowww……”

She held her cheeks, tears rolling down them. The pain just didn’t stop!

Everyone was up soon and wanted to know what had happened. There was such a hullabaloo! At last, Daddy Butterfly had to shout at the top of his voice to get everyone to be quiet. He picked Flutterfly up and asked, “What happened, dear?”

“My tooth, it’s hurting me bad, Daddy”, said poor Flutterfly.

“Try some cloves ….”

“Try an ice pack …” Came different ideas from her family.

“Let’s go see a doc,” said mum, wisely.

So they took Flutterfly down to Dr. Buzz. Dr. Buzz was Ruby Bee’s daddy. He was a good doctor. He made Flutterfly sit on a stool and said, “Say aah…”. He took a good look inside her mouth. Then Dr.Buzz put down his specs and looked at her sternly.

“Have you been eating sweets often or forgetting to brush your teeth?”

Flutterfly blushed. She remembered how she had snacked on sweets at the Farewell Party and didn’t brush before going to bed either! She hadn’t even brushed it this morning before snacking on sweets again. Flutterfly nodded sadly. Dr.Buzz quickly gave her some medicine to bring down the pain but then had to pluck out her tooth! He showed it to her. Oh, my fluttering wings! There was a big black hole in it where the germs had been worrying her. It was called a cavity.

Now do you understand why you have to brush your teeth?” Dr.Buzz was angry. Flutterfly nodded sadly. She knew she had been careless.

Dr.Buzz felt sorry for her. He gave her a smile. “ Hmm… I hope this will be a lesson you never forget. Promise me that that you will brush your teeth at least TWICE a day every day.

“Yes, doc. I promise,” said a relieved Flutterfly.



This story has been especially written for the Butterfly Baby Clinic by Ranjeeta from SleepyOwls.net © 2015