Flutterfly’s Surprise Birthday Cake – Part 9

Flutterfly’s Surprise Birthday Cake – Part 9

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Flutterfly was very excited. It was her birthday soon and she was keeping a party for all her friends. Flutterfly was writing the party invitations to give her friends.

“Can we order a Winxie Butterfly theme cake from the bakers today, Mummy? “Asked Flutterfly. “I so love her cartoons.”

“Alright, but finish the invitations quickly and go drop them off in your friends’ houses.”

So, Flutterfly carefully wrote out the invitations and then went with her sister Kathy to drop off the invitations. It was very late by the time she finished all the houses. Only Bunty Bunny lived far off in the meadow outside the garden.  But Daddy had warned them not to go there alone because they might lose their way in the huge meadow. So they asked their friend Robbie Robin to fly off and drop the letter in Bunty’s post box.

Two days later, Flutterfly’s birthday arrived. She woke up feeling very excited. She cleaned her teeth, brushed her wings and rushed downstairs. There on the breakfast table was her family waiting to wish her.

“Here, open your presents,” Mummy said.

Flutterfly first opened the one from Carle, Caterpillar her baby brother. He had given her a picture of two handprints – one of his and one of her’s- and framed it to make a cute gift!

“I love it, Carle,” she cried, hugging him. “Thank you so much.”

Next, she opened Kathy’s present. Inside was a small bracelet made with pretty beads! Mummy and Daddy gave her an exciting book all about humans!

“Alright, let’s get to work,” said Mummy, when all the presents had been opened. “We have a lot to do before your guests arrive, Flutterfly.”

So they began tidying up the house, preparing the food and lots of other things. Flutterfly suddenly remembered something. “Oh Mummy! We forgot to order the cake!” she cried. “I kept thinking we have forgotten something but I couldn’t remember what it was. Now my birthday party will be ruined!”

“Don’t cry, Flutterfly. It will be alright,” said Mummy. “Why don’t you go get ready, and Daddy and I will see what we can do about it.”

So Flutterfly sadly went upstairs to get ready. She was so upset that she didn’t even go help Daddy decorate the house when he called her down. After a while, she heard excited voices from the garden. Curious, she looked out of the window and let out a gasp. The whole garden was decorated in bright coloured balloons and streamers!

Flutterfly flew down into the garden. All her friends had gathered there too! Flutterfly cheered up a bit as she played with her friends.  Soon it was snack time. Flutterfly looked sadly as her friends gathered around the table. They were waiting for the cake. Suddenly, they began singing “Happy Birthday to you” loudly. Flutterfly turned her head and saw Mummy walking towards her with prettiest cake she had ever seen! She squealed with excitement because on top was the cutest little Winxie Butterfly icing!

“Mummy made this especially for you,” said Daddy, seeing Flutterfly’s surprised look.

“Oh, thank you Mummy. This is the best surprise I have had today,” said Flutterfly, hugging Mummy and she had a wonderful time with all her friends till the very end of the party.

This story is specially written for Butterfly Baby Clinic based in Scotland. It is a sweet short birthday story for kids to enjoy with their family. Every kid feels special on their birthdays and they like to have everything perfect and just as they wished. So, here's to all the kids born in September. Have a great birthday! Happy Reading and Bonding!