Flutterfly Shares Her Toys – Part 7

Flutterfly Shares Her Toys – Part 7

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Flutterfly was having fun as an elder sister. She rocked the baby to sleep, read books to him, played with him and even taught him new words. But there was one thing she had never expected. He suddenly seemed to want whatever Flutterfly was playing with! If she was playing with a toy of her’s, he immediately wanted that very one. If she changed to another one, Baby wanted that too! Kathy Caterpillar, her younger sister had never done that. Flutterfly was getting more and more annoyed. She didn’t feel like sharing her toys with him anymore!

But baby just got more demanding. One day, Flutterfly was reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar “by Eric Carle. It was their favourite book. Baby saw her with it and snatched it from her hands. The cover of the book tore into two! Flutterfly was very very unhappy.

Such things went on every day. Daddy and Mummy tried everything they could to make them both share. But nothing worked. Then Grandma came up with a wonderful idea!

“Why don’t you hand over the toy he asks for with a smile on your face each time?” she told Flutterfly.

Flutterfly was very surprised. “But Grandma, why do I have to give it to him when I want to play with it? I don’t mind giving him my things. It’s just that he grabs it from me and doesn’t want to wait for his turn!” she wailed.

“I know, it doesn’t seem fair,” smiled Grandma. “But he doesn’t seem to understand sharing any other way. So let’s try it this way. Are you game for it?

“Alright, Grandma if you say so,” said Flutterfly.

So the next time Baby wanted the teddy Flutterfly was playing with, she quickly handed it to him. Baby opened his mouth to scream, but he stopped when he saw Flutterfly hand it to him with a smile. Baby was very surprised. But he did it again. Flutterfly was drawing in her colouring book when Baby immediately put down the teddy and rushed over to grab the book. Flutterfly again handed it to him with a smile. Baby didn’t make any more fuss. This went on for some weeks until finally Flutterfly was happy to share her things and Baby had learnt to ask for it first and wait patiently for his turn too!

Grandma’s little trick had worked perfectly! Everyone was so pleased with her that as a reward they asked her to give Baby a good name! They had been calling him Baby until now. But it was time he got a new name.

Flutterfly felt very proud. She thought for some time and suddenly jumped up. “I know just the name for him. Carle! After his favourite story book writer!” Everyone laughed. They all loved the new name.

Older siblings often have a tough time when the younger one seem to want everything they touch! Hope this little story helps you and your child understand that it is perfectly normal for this kind of behaviour and how it can be dealt in a subtle way! Happy parenting and sibling bonding! :)

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