Flutterfly Learns To Make New Friends – Part 5

Flutterfly Learns To Make New Friends – Part 5

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It was a lovely sunny morning. Flutterfly and her family were out in the garden to get a bit of sun. All the bugs were out too to enjoy the fresh spring air. Flutterfly saw her two best friends Mimi Moth and Lilly Ladybug nearby, and eagerly flew to meet them. All around them friends were greeting each other, happy and laughing.

Mimi spotted a little slug standing a few feet away, all alone. He was looking at everyone, wanting to join in but not knowing how to. She said to her friends, “He looks new to our garden. Let’s go over and say hello.”

So the three friends flew over to the slug. Mimi smiled at him. “Hi, are you new here? What is your name?”

The tiny slug smiled shyly. “Hi, I am Sammy. We just moved here last night from the meadow next to the garden.”

Mimi liked him instantly. “Do you want to play with us?” she asked. Sammy nodded.

Flutterfly was surprised. “Wait, you don’t even know him!” she whispered to Mimi. “And obviously none of our garden folks do either. Let’s say bye and go play on our own.”

“But he is a little bug just like us, Flutterfly,” replied the sensible Mimi. I am sure he would love to have friends,”

Flutterfly was upset. She started pouting as Mimi took Sammy over to introduce him to all their other friends. Soon they were all playing a very noisy game of Tag. Only Flutterfly was sulking as she watched Lily and Mimi laugh and play with their new friend. They felt sorry for Flutterfly and called her to come join them. But Flutterfly shook her head and flew to a corner of the garden. She watched them crossly. She had been having such fun with Mimi and Lilly. Now this new bug had to come and spoil everything! She didn’t want to share her friends with anyone nor make new ones.

But Sammy seemed like a lot of fun. He was teaching them all a new game. There was so much squealing and yelling. After a while, Flutterfly began to feel lonely, and then sad. Lilly and Mimi seemed to have forgotten all about her. Flutterfly wanted to have fun too. But how could she join them now?

Just then, Mimi and Lilly came flying down to her. “Flutterfly, please come and join us. It’s not much fun without you.”

Flutterfly was surprised. “But I thought you are having a great time with Sammy?”

“Yes, we are. But we would have more fun if you joined in,” said Lilly.

“Really?” asked Flutterfly, her eyes glowing with happiness.

“Really,” said Mimi and Lilly together. “Now come on, Sammy is about to show us all a neat trick he learnt last spring!” And they raced off hand in hand, glad to be friends again with dear little Flutterfly. And Flutterfly learned that making new friends and sharing old friends can be so much more fun.


This story has been specially written for the Butterfly Baby Clinic by Ranjeeta from SleepyOwls.net © 2015

The Flutterfly series is written for the Butterfly Baby Clinic, UK and is targeted at 0-3 year old children. These are charming little stories with subtle messages that families with small children can enjoy together.