Flutterfly helps a friend on easter – Part 4

Flutterfly helps a friend on easter – Part 4

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It was Easter, and the Sunnyvale Garden bugs were having a party outside because it was such a nice sunny day. The Easter Egg Hunt had just got over and the Egg and Spoon race was about to start. All the little buggies were walking over to the starting line, getting ready with a spoon and an egg. Every buggy was having a great time, but not Sally Snail. She was about to burst into tears. Her friends were teasing her about how slow she was, and how she would finish the race only by next Easter. Flutterfly giggled. She looked over at Sally. But Sally was not enjoying the teasing one bit. She was sniffing sadly. Flutterfly felt sorry for her. She went over to her and said, “Don’t mind them, Sally. They are just having a little fun.”

Sally nodded. Flutterfly didn’t know what else to say so she kept quiet. Sally stopped sliding and said, ”You know, they are right. I am very slow. I shouldn’t be taking part in this race.”

“No, No sally! Don’t back out. Being fast or slow doesn’t matter in this game,” said Flutterfly.

Sally was not sure. “I know I will be the last to finish the race.”

Flutterfly tried again. “Don’t worry about winning or losing. It’s the taking part bit that’s fun.”

Sally gave a big sigh. “You are probably right. Alright, let’s go. The race is about to start.”

So they went over to the starting line. “Do your best”, whispered Flutterfly to Sally.

The whistle blew for the race to start. Every buggy started moving forward. They were so excited that their hands shook. But that is not such a good thing to happen at an Egg and Spoon race. One by one the eggs began dropping off the spoons. First Robbie Robin’s, then Ruby Bee’s, then Lilly Ladybird’s and so on. Only two buggies had eggs still on their spoons. Flutterfly and Sally!

Slowly and steadily went the two friends. They were almost at the finishing line when Flutterfly’s egg suddenly rolled off the spoon. Ooh…! went the crowd. But Sally went on slowly and crossed the line! Everyone clapped and cheered. Sally had come first in the race! She couldn’t believe it. It was the first time she had ever won in a race.

Sally slid over to Flutterfly and hugged her, thanking her over and over again. All her friends gathered around to congratulate Sally. She was the happiest buggy that day.

This story has been especially written for the Butterfly Baby Clinic by Ranjeeta from SleepyOwls.net ©

Written for Butterfly baby Clinic