Flutterfly and the Santa Fairy

Flutterfly and the Santa Fairy

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It was Christmas Eve. Sunnydale looked sparkly and magical! “That means Jack Frost had been here last night,” said an excited Flutterfly. She was looking out of her window. “Which also means he is going to come meet us today!” she squealed.

All the little buggies in Sunnydale looked forward to meeting Jack Frost. He was the snow elf who helped Old Man Winter bring the ice and snow. And every Christmas Eve Jack came to meet the buggies with tales of Santa and his elves. Sometimes he told them of the new toys Santa was bringing them and sometimes how Santa’s belly wobbled like a jelly when he laughed!

So, Flutterfly quickly got ready and raced outdoors with her sister, Kathy close behind. All the buggies were meeting under the rose bush. Chatter, chatter they were going when suddenly with a whiff of cold air, Jack landed near them!

He looked at every buggy and smiled. “Hi ya, folks! What have you been up to?” he asked them cheerfully. “Now gather around. I have some rather special news to share with you all. Now mind you, not one word to your parents. Got it?”

The buggies nodded their little heads, too excited to even breathe.

“Have you ever wondered how Santa being so tall could enter your tiny homes?” he asked.

All of them shook their heads.

Jack continued. “Exactly. But he’s clever. He has a special helper who goes into the homes of all the bugs and animals to give them their presents while he waits in the sleigh. She is the Santa fairy!”

“Oooooh!” They all cried together. “Santa fairy??!!”

“Yes, she is a fairy with beautiful wings. She is full of magic, you know. And no one has ever seen her, except Santa of course.”

Jack got up suddenly. “Well, I must be off now. Some more frosting to do. See you all.” And he was gone as fast as he had come.

Then, what a chattering there was! Every buggy was talking at once about Santa Fairy. Only Flutterfly was very quiet. She wanted to see the fairy. But how?

She flew home still thinking. Mummy butterfly had left a note on the door saying she had gone to Grandma’s and would be back soon. That’s it! Flutterfly would write a letter too and leave it near her bed. Then Santa Fairy would read it and definitely come and talk to her, thought Flutterfly.

So, Flutterfly wrote out the letter and kept it near her bed. So after dinner, she said good bye to her mum and went to bed. Flutterfly sat up in bed in case she fell asleep. She heard the clock strike nine, then ten, then eleven and then twelve. It was midnight! The curtains were fluttering in the gentle cold breeze that came in through the window. But wait! Flutterfly never kept her windows open at night! She looked closely. She could see a silvery glow near the window.  The glow was growing bigger and nearer.

Flutterfly saw that it was a fairy! She had the most beautiful wings! She had long shiny hair and was wearing a dress that sparkled like hundreds of little stars. Flutterfly’s heart began to beat very fast with excitement. She was sure it was the Santa Fairy. The fairy slowly lifted her and waved her wand over Flutterfly’s head. Zillion sparkles flew in the air and landed on Flutterfly. Flutterfly suddenly felt the urge to close her eyes and sleep. As she closed her eyes she heard a singsong voice saying, “Good night Flutterfly. And Merry Christmas!” And that was all Flutterfly saw or heard of the Santa Fairy.

When Flutterfly finally woke up, it was morning. She quickly got out of bed to see if the letter had been taken. It was! And there was a present beside her bed! When she opened it what do you think there was inside? A fairy just like the one she had seen last night! So, what do you think really happened – was it all just a dream or is Santa Fairy real?


This story is specially written for the Butterfly Baby Clinic in the Uk.

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