Flap-flap, scuttle-scuttle, wiggle-wiggle-wiggle!

Flap-flap, scuttle-scuttle, wiggle-wiggle-wiggle!

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YAA….WN…! Flutterfly was bored. It had been snowing non-stop since morning. And the snow lay thick all over the garden. She didn’t dare step out to play because of the cold and none of her friends could come over either. Too bad Kathy and Carle were down with a bad cold.

Suddenly, she sat up. She could hear a shuffling noise coming from the top part of the wall near the ceiling. There was a tiny gap there. Could the noise be coming from the gap, she wondered. Shuffle, shuffle…. There it was again! She went closer to take a look. But before she could get there the gap became bigger, and out fell two things one on top of the other.

The two things were her friends, Molly Mouse and Wally worm! They were lying on the floor on top of each other giggling helplessly. Flutterfly was so surprised she just stood there with her mouth open.

“Wha…., ho..… whe..….?” began Flutterfly, too shocked to talk properly.

Molly and Wally giggled even more seeing Flutterfly stutter.

“We came to see you,” said Molly, after they had stopped laughing. “We were sitting at our homes bored when I realised I could burrow a tunnel from my home to anywhere I wanted! So, I dug one from my home to Wally’s. Then together we dug our way right up to your tree. And here we are.”

Flutterfly was amazed. “That is so clever of you guys! I would never have been able to do it!”

“Well, it’s not so difficult when you have got paws like mine.” said Molly.

“Or a body like mine,” added Wally.

“That’s great!” said Flutterfly, very impressed. “I wish I had some talent like that.”

“Well, you do,” said Wally. “You can fly about with your beautiful wings. We can’t. So I guess everyone has their own talent.”

Flutterfly’s eyes lit up. “You are right. We are all so different and yet we like the same things. I go flap-flap, Molly goes scuttle-scuttle and Wally goes wiggle-wiggle!”

Wally suddenly got an idea. “Hey, that sounds like a nice song.”

“Flap-flap, scuttle-scuttle, wiggle-wiggle-wiggle!” Sang wally

Flutterfly took over.

“We love to play, have fun and giggle.

You and me, we are friends forever.

We each have our talents, we are smart and clever!” Rapped Flutterfly.

“Flap-flap, scuttle-scuttle, wiggle-wiggle-wiggle!” Shouted the three of them together.

The door suddenly opened and in came Mummy Butterfly. You can imagine the surprise on her face when she saw Molly and Wally in Flutterfly’s room. She looked at them all very sternly. Flutterfly was sure Mummy was going to scold her. But what do you think Mummy Butterfly did instead? She began singing their little rap song too.

“Flap-flap, scuttle-scuttle, wiggle-wiggle-wiggle!

We love to play, have fun and giggle,” sang all of them in a chorus.

Children are all different - in their looks, their talents, in their personal tastes, everything. And that is a very good thing. Imagine a planet with millions of kids looking and doing the same thing! How boring would that be! Being different is good. The earlier kids realise it the better. As parents, we can make them understand that not being same as their classmates or friends is not a bad thing. Your child might get teased at or get isolated for being different from the rest but try to make them confident about themselves by praising them at home for little things. It could be about their drawing or their choice of clothes or even how fast they finished their homework. That would make them feel happy about themselves and the decisions they make for themselves which would slowly build their self esteem. Hope this little story helps you and your child in some way. Happy reading!