A Boo-tiful Halloween Party! – Part 10

A Boo-tiful Halloween Party! – Part 10

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Flutterfly was in her front yard. It was covered with leaves of all shades of red, orange and brown. She was helping Daddy Butterfly clear it up. But no sooner had she cleared a spot and raked the leaves to a heap in a corner than the wind would blow it all over the garden again!

Finally, Flutterfly sat down near a pile of leaves tired. What a boring day it was turning out to be! Just then she heard some buggy whistling loudly – a very off-tune version of ‘Who’s a jolly good fellow !‘ It was Ruby Bee. She was coming round the corner towards Flutterfly’s house. Flutterfly quickly hid under the pile of dry leaves and waited for Ruby to walk by to the door.

“Boo….”, shouted Flutterfly.

“AAhhh…..,” screamed Ruby. “You scared me. My stripes nearly jumped out of my body!”

“Hahaha,” laughed Flutterfly. “I am sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Besides its Halloween week.”

“That’s the reason I came here. To invite you to a Halloween party,” said Ruby. “It is at four today. And there is going to be a prize for the scariest costume too.”

Flutterfly was super excited! She ran inside to ask Mummy Butterfly about it.

“Hmmm….. What could be the scariest thing?” Mummy thought out aloud.

“What about a human girl, Mummy?” asked Flutterfly.

“Well, they aren’t always scary. Remember the little girl who saved you when your wings got caught in a gorse bush? Wasn’t that sweet of her?” her mother reminded her.

“Yes, that true,” agreed Flutterfly. “But it is a good idea to be one for a Halloween Party though, isn’t it? I bet nobody would think of that!”

So, it was decided. Flutterfly would be a human girl. They took out some fabric, needle and thread, some paints and finally everything was ready. Flutterfly certainly looked good and very real. It looked so real that when Flutterfly’s brother, Carl came down for something he thought she was a real human and screamed the house down!

When it was time for the party Flutterfly walked down to Ruby’s house. By the time she reached Ruby’s house every buggy was already there. What fantastic costumes they had on! There was a witch, a monster, an alien, a black cat, an owl and even a bat!

Then the games began. The first one was a trick-or- treat game! Every buggy had to pair up with a friend and start trick-or-treating in different directions. They had to collect as many candies as they could from all the houses before Ruby’s mum would blow a whistle to stop! Flutterfly paired up with Wally Worm. He was dressed splendidly as a mummy. But every two inches he crawled he would trip on the long strips of cloth! The two buggies somehow managed to cover about five houses before the whistle sounded. Obviously, they couldn’t collect much! It was Bunty Bunny and Katy who won the prize for collecting about a hundred candies in their candy bag!

Laughing and talking, they all headed back to Ruby’s house. There, the scariest looking food was laid out for them – Freaky Bread Stick fingers, Marshmallow Frankentreats, Eye-Scream Treats and more! They quickly gobbled it up because there was a Pumpkin Carving competition next. Again, poor Flutterfly had a tough time carving the pumpkin because of her huge fat human fingers! But Lilly Ladybug won the prize for her cute little pumpkin spider!

At last, it was time to announce the spookiest costume of the evening! Flutterfly waited with abated breath. But it was Sammy Snail who won it for dressing up as a very scary three-eyed monster! Flutterfly felt a little disappointed. She hadn’t won a single prize today. Never mind she thought, at least she had had loads of fun.

But there was one more prize to be given away. It was for the most unique costume of the evening – And who do you think won it? Flutterfly, for her unique costume as a scary girl! Flutterfly was ecstatic. What a boo-tiful ending to a boo-tiful party!

I love costume parties and I am sure there would be no kid on earth who doesn't love them either. So, this cute little story is my take on how bugs would be celebrating Halloween parties with a little dig at us humans! Hope you enjoy it :)

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